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Nationals Hotline
0448 666 276

Frequently Asked Questions

Entering the event

It should be noted that the the program is subject to change if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Q.     What is the latest date I can register to participate in the 2024 Monaro Nationals?

A.     Entries for the 2024 Monaro Nationals close on the 24th July, 2024.  This date has been determined by the ordering date to place orders for the event merchandise.

Q.       How were the entry costs determined?

A.       Entry fees have been set to ensure that costs for the hire of venues, catering, security, trophies, merchandise, etc are fully covered.  We have tried to keep entry costs similar to previous Monaro Nationals. 

Q. I’ve paid for my attendance at the 2024 Monaro Nations, but I need to withdraw.  Is my payment refundable?

A.  In genuine cases, your payment can be refunded.  To discuss your circumstance please call the Nationals Hotline on 0448 666 276 or email to 

Q.       Where can I find my car's ID numbers required for event registration?

A.       For HKTG Monaros click here
          For HQ - HZ Monaros click here 
          For V2 - VZ Monaros click here


Q.      Can I enter my Monaro in a Category I believe is best suited for my car?

A.      Yes, however the 2024 Nationals subcommittee may recommend a category that better matches your vehicle to the specified judging categories.  If you decide to enter into a different category Judges will heavily deduct points for items that are not relevant in the judging process for that category.

Q.      Where can I get more information on the judging category I should enter?

A.       The judging manual will be finalised in Dec 2023 and will be able to be downloaded from the registration page.   

For any further questions on judging, send an email to

On-line entry system

Q.     Is there a paper entry form I can use?

A.     As we expect upwards of 300 cars to enter the event with potentially 500 entrants, buddies and children attending, manually collecting and managing entrant, car details required for judging and taking payments would be overwhelming.  Therefore, we have taken the decision to process all entries and payments via an on-line system.    If entrants have trouble using the on-line system, send us an email at with your phone details and we will call you back and walk you through the registration process if needed.


Q.   I am having trouble finding accommodation in the area, what other options are there?

A.   There are extensive accommodation sites in the area.  Refer to the Accommodation Section of this website.

Special Dietary Requirements

Will be catered for at Meet & Greet,  Presentation Dinner and farewell lunch as per your instructions when you fill in the on-line event registration form.

Nearby Medical Services     

Northeast Health Wangaratta - Emergency Department - (03) 5722 5111 - Green Street, Wangaratta, Victoria.

Wangaratta Medical Centre - 03 5722 1500 - 34 Green Street, Wangaratta.

North East Family Medicine, (03) 5723 5400 - Suite 1/90-100 Ovens Street, Wangaratta.

South Wangaratta Medical Centre - (03) 5713 9299 - 47-51 Joyce Way, Wangaratta.

Wangaratta Dental Clinic - (03) 5721 3763 - 36a/36b Reid Street Wangaratta.

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