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Terms and Conditions

Use of this website

The information contained in this Site is provided in good faith based on the information we have at the moment.  That information may change as event planning continues.

The Organisers are not responsible or liable for any liabilities arising from errors or omissions from the information in this Site.

On acceptance of my entry;

  • I shall release the Monaro Car Club of Vic Inc. and all persons connected with the organisation of the 2024 Monaro Nationals from all liabilities for any damage that may occur to property or persons;
  • I accept the promoter reserves the right to refuse any entry;
  • I will abide by all rules and directions set out on the 2024 Monaro Nationals' Website and will accept all directions and decisions made by the Event Managers;
  • I agree that any images of myself and my car can be published on the 2024 Nationals web pages and Facebook pages and any other relevant media.
  • I accept that my 2024 Monaro Nationals entry can be cancelled if I bring the 2024 Monaro Nationals or the Monaro Club of Victoria into disrepute through my comments on social media or any other public medium.

The Monaro Club of Vic Inc. will not use entrant’s personal information or vehicle ID numbers for any other purpose than that required to support their involvement the 2024 Monaro Nationals.

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