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HG Monaro

Released on the 26 July 1970, the HG Monaro was the last of the original coupe design concept. HG had cleaner lines with brightwork reduced and some re-designed. The HG sported different striping (delete options) which were known as "sidewinder" stripes which rang along the top edge of the fenders, under the windows and finishing just before the rear pillar.

The "Monaro" badge on both rear pillars was introduced to all models. For the HG GTS, the "GTS" badges now featured black paint fill, received new black-out paint on rocker panels, with the GTS 350 getting bold treatment with new "sidewinder" stripes and bonnet scoop black-outs. "GTS 350" designations now featured gutsier decals on the fenders and boot lid. Wheel arch moldings were deleted on all models. The "GTS 350" models no longer had the 350 Chevrolet badge on the fender, but rather a bold decal stating "350" as well as blackouts that covered the air-vents on the bonnet. The GTS badge originally above the gills in the fenders would be removed and would now be black instead of red (with the badges being placed on the passenger side of the grille and boot). The taillights had a cleaner look and the grille was redesigned.

Most mechanical specifications remained the same as HT series, with the exception of Monaro GTS (non-350), which had softened suspension, resulting in a smoother ride. Manual HG GTS 350 retained the suspension from the HT GTS 350. Other upgrades included thicker (HT GTS 350 style) power front disc brakes, now standard for all V8 and the 6-cylinder Monaro GTS. The HG would be the final model for the generation and the last to use the original body shell.


Model Designations

 80337 Monaro Coupe L6
 80437 Monaro Coupe V8
 80737 Monaro GTS L6
 80837 Monaro GTS V8
 81837 Monaro GTS 350

Engine options

NOTE:  engine power is quoted as "Brake Horse Power" which ignores all loses caused by engine accories, eg fan, alternator, power steering, etc.

 Engine Designation Capacity (c.i.)
 Compression ratio
Power (bhp)
 161H 161 9.2:1 114
 186P 186 9.2:1 130
 186S 186 9.2:1 145
 253H253 9.0:1 185
 308 9.0:1 240
 9.0:1 275
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