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Club hotline: 0448 666 276

Manual process to renew an existing Club Permit

  1. When you receive your Club Permit Renewal through the post, make sure your membership of MCOV is current.

  2. Post the Renewal Form, along with a STAMPED, self addressed envelope to the MCOV Club Permit Officer to be signed.  Address to:

    Club Permit Officer,
    Monaro Club of Victoria,
    PO Box 5330,
    Clayton, Vic, 3168

  3. The Club Plate Officer will post the signed form back to you in the stamped, self addressed envelop you supplied.

  4. Go into a Vicroads office and pay the Permit Fee.

  5. Note that your Permit is not valid until it has a stamp from VicRoads as well as the signature of the MCOV Club Plate Officer on it

  6. Go cruising !!

Caution - private use only for cars on Club Permit registration

Members must ensure that their Club Plated vehicle is only used for private use and is not used for commercial use.  One example of commerical use would be hiring out your vehicle as a wedding car.

If you have any other questions call the Club Permit Officer on 0487 327 308 or email

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