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HX Monaro

New emissions regulations heralded the mildly facelifted HX Monaro GTS sedan, announced in July 1976.[8] The HX was quite distinguishable, with liberal splashes of black paintouts contrasted against a range of bold body colours, and a choice of traditional chrome or body painted bumper bars.

Holden HX Limited Edition
Holden found that it held more HJ coupe bodyshells than could easily be expended as "spare parts". The solution was the Holden Limited Edition, or 'LE', which was released on 27 September 1976.

All were painted an exclusive metallic colour called LE Red. The LE was not badged or officially referred to as a Monaro. The LE was an amalgam of prestige and surplus parts (including an eight-track cartridge player well after cassette tapes were common), in effect a combination of Monaro GTS and Statesman Caprice components.

The LE had a price tag to match: $11,500. The cars were built at the now-defunct Pagewood (Sydney) plant. Production totalled 580 vehicles. The distinctive US sourced honeycomb wheels fitted to the LE, which resembled those of the second generation Pontiac Firebird, were created by a plastic mould adhered to the outside of conventional steel wheel rims.

These were a gold painted version of the same wheel that had been available as an option on passenger vehicles since HJ release. The front end styling of this pillarless hardtop resembles a smaller-scale 1971 U.S. specification Chevrolet Caprice.


Model Designations

8WQ69  Monaro GTS Sedan
8WQ37  Monaro LE Coupe

Engine options

 Engine Designation  Capacity (c.i.)
 Compression ratio
Power (kw)
QR 4.2
QT  5.0 9.7:1
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