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 Judging Process & Classes.

The 2024 Monaro Nationals judging Team has reviewed judging processes used at past Monaro national events as well as other national car events to determine an efficient and effective process to judge upwards of 300 Monaro's.

Judging this many cars will require considerable organisation and timetabling to ensure that all cars are properly assessed.  Your cooperation will be essential.

The Process

Entrants will need to review the Judging class entry matrix BEFORE entering the event.

Scrutineering will be done over 2 days (Thursday and Friday) Final judging conducted at the Show and Shine on Saturday.

When you complete our on-line event registration, you will be required to select the appropriate judging class for your car, so it is important that you are satisfied with the judging class to use prior to registering for the event.

Self-Class Selection

This will ensure that your Monaro is entered into the correct judging class so that the Judging Team can create the scrutineering timetable prior to your arrival at the event.

Included in the 2024 Monaro Nationals Judging Manual (see link below under the section 'Judging Manual' to view and download the manual) is a detailed class entry matrix (see link below) that will guide you through a process to select the correct judging class for your Monaro. Once you have selected your judging class via the class entry matrix, you should read and thoroughly understand the class description details as your car will be judged against these criteria. 

Click here to view the Judging Class Entry Matrix.

Your car details and the photo that you enter into our registration system will be assessed prior to the event by the Judging team.  The Judging Team may make recommendations to the entrant to change their judging class, this is to ensure the entrant has the greatest opportunity of the awards on offer.

All entrant vehicles will be scrutineered on Thursday and Friday of the event. To ensure the entry process is complete, and the classification is as correct as is possible for each entrant. 

Judging Categories

 1.  Survivor  Open to all models.
 2.  Concours  Open to all models.
 3.  Factory Authentic  Open to all models.
 4.  Factory Improved  Open to all models.
 5.  Mild Custom  Open to all models.
 6.  Street Modified  Open to all models.
 7.  Show  Open to all models.
 8.  Competition / Race  Open to all models.
 9.  Special / Exhibition  Open to all models.
 10.  Replica / Tribute  Open to all models.
 11.  Export  Open to all models.

Note: The 20 year restriction for Concours and Survivor categories only have been removed and replaced with a 1000km per year restriction.

Judging Timetable

 Scrutineering (Day 1):  Thursday 24th October, 2024.
 Scrutineering (Day 2):  Friday 25th October, 2024.
 Final Judging  Saturday 26th October, 2024.

Time management will be a key element of the scrutineering process.  Once event registration closes on 24th July, 2024, the Judging Team will produce a time table for scrutineering on the Thursday 24th October and Friday 25th October.  Each entrant will be allocated an approximate time.

If an entrant cannot make their scheduled time they must contact the Judging Team via email to reschedule;

We expect this process will expedite the scrutineering process and also avoid lengthy delays for entrants.   Judging will be finalised at the end of the Show and Shine event on Saturday.

Judging manuals

To view and download the Judging Manual, please click on the link below.

Click here to view and download the 2024 Monaro Nationals Judging Manual.


All Judging Trophies will be presented at the presentation dinner on Sunday night excepting the Grand Champion trophy which will be awarded at the farewell cruise on Monday.


If you have any questions with the judging process or judging categories, please email the Judging Committee at;

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