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Club Permit Scheme - updated 6 April 2022

The Victoria club permit scheme allows members of car clubs that are recognised by Vicroads to make limited use of classic / historic vehicles on the road network.

The Monaro Club of Victoria (MCOV) is a Vicroad’s approved club.

A logbook is issued to the permit holders to record the use of the vehicle over the permit period. The log book entry must be made EACH DAY that the vehicle is used (unless the vehicle is within 100 meters of the garaged address).

A log-book must be carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use.

When signing new club permit applications, club safety officers / scrutineers will be required to complete a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form declaring that the vehicle is eligible, safe for use on the road and that it meets the applicable requirements for the category of vehicle for which the club permit is sough

Club Permit applications (not renewals) for vehicles manufactured after 31 December 1948 therefore need to be accompanied by a current certificate of roadworthiness.  Our club requires RWC for all vehicles.

The Club permit applicant is the club permit holder, the club permit holder must be a member of our club.

The Club permit holder must be the legal owner or is legally entitled to manage the vehicle.

Any member/s transferring their Club Permit from another car club will require an RWC.

All post 1969 Vehicles must comply with Vehicle standards information 8 (VSI8) which only allows basic modifications. All vehicles outside these standards require a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate covering the modifications.

An "M" plate club permit will be issued to identify modified vehicles where a VASS certificate has been provided.

Clubs are required to maintain dated photographs of vehicles entering the club permit scheme in accordance with the new Club Permit Agreement.

Financial members of Vicroad’s approved clubs (i.e. MCOV) are able to apply for a 45 or 90 day permit depending on how much use they expect to make of their vehicles over the 12 month period.

If a person obtains a 45 day permit, but then decides that this is not enough, another 45 day permit may be purchased later on.

However, no one will be able to obtain a permit to drive a vehicle for more than 90 days in each 12 month registration period.

Eligibility for Cars

Your car must be over 25 years old and roadworthy.  You must be a financial member of the MCOV.  The car must be built by General Motors, such as a Holden, Chev, etc.  Monaros can be placed straight on to a Club Permit.  For other GM cars, you have to be a member of MCOV for at least 12 months to be eligible for a Club Permit.

Procedure for obtaining an MCOV Club Permit

If you currently have a car that you would like to move to the Club Permit Registration, you must follow these steps:

    1.     Make sure your membership of the MCOV is current.

    2.     Obtain a current Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC) from a licensed VicRoads Inspector.

    • Note that the MCOV does NOT provide any kind of letter or certification in regard to Roadworthy condition, safety, or compliance of the vehicle.

    3.     Complete both of these forms;

    VicRoads Club Permit Application Form

    Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for Club Permit scheme vehicle

    4.     Take current, dated photos of your vehicle.

    • Photos must include images of;
    • the front,
    • driver's side,
    • rear,
    • driving position (side on with the driver's door open),
    • the engine bay,
    • and where possible, any identifiers such as chassis number and engine number

    5.    Checklist of Vicroads forms and supporting documents to be posted to the Club Permit Officer;

    • Filled in Club Permit Application Form,
    • Filled in Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for Club Permit scheme vehicle form,
    • a photocopy of the RWC (note: any member/s transferring their Club Permit from another car club will require an RWC.)
    • dated photos

    6.      Post the completed forms to the Club Permit Officer, Monaro Club of Victoria,  PO Box 5330, Clayton, Vic, 3168.  You must include a STAMPED self-addressed envelope for your documentation to be returned to you.

    7.     The Club Permit Officer will review your documentation, sign your forms and email it back to you.   If you posted the forms in, he will post back to you.

    8.     Take the signed forms to one of the VicRoads customer service centres that issues club plates, and pay the permit fee.

    9.  Note that your Permit is not valid until it has a stamp from VicRoads as well as the signature of the MCOV Club Permit Officer on it.

    10.  *VERY IMPORTANT*  -  YOU MUST inform the Club Permit Officer by email of your new Club Permit Registration Plate Number issued by Vicroads, within 10 days of issue to or TXT to 0487 327 308.

      Caution - private use only for cars on Club Permit registration

      Members must ensure that their Club Plated vehicle is only used for private use and is not used for commercial use.  One example of commercial use would be hiring out your vehicle as a wedding car.

      More Information and Links

      VicRoads Club Permit Application Form

      VicRoads Club permit information:

      If you have any other questions call 0487 327 308 or email

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