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Haunted Hills Track Day - Requirements to Participate

1.   Entrant only is permitted to drive their first entered Monaro.  No passengers are allowed.

Buddies are not permitted to drive in this event.

2.   Apparel - What do you need to wear while competing?


You are required to wear a helmet. Most helmets are accepted, including motorcycle type.


You are required to wear clothing that covers from your WRIST to NECK to ANKLE. Such as a long sleeve cotton t-shirt and/or a wool jumper and denim jeans. Clothing that is synthetic such as nylon or polyester is NOT acceptable..


You are required to wear closed toe shoes.

3.   Know where your tow points are.

Just in case !

4.    Fire extinguisher recommended but not mandatory

5.     Racing Numbers

Racing numbers are used for timing and to identify cars whilst on the track.  Your number will be provided in your entrant pack if you elect to participate.

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